Need a dynamic google-style autocomplete for your web application? Get up and running with our service in just a few minutes. We deal with the servers for you, so that you don't have to.


Autocomplete that just works

Prefixy is a hosted prefix search engine that powers autocomplete suggestions for your site. Suggestions dynamically update in response to user input, so your users are guaranteed to only see the most relevant suggestions.

We've invested hundreds of hours of work into figuring out how to configure and implement a suggestion engine that is performant, useful, and scalable. And we've even written all the front-end scripts you need to get started! Just include them in your code and enjoy instant integration with our back-end remote servers.

Tell me the technical details 

Prefixy persists data using a prefix hash trie, a cross between a hash and a trie. Suggestions are specifically stored with Redis sorted sets, a native data structure in Redis that is built on top of the skip list. With this combination of data structures, we are able to return suggestions in O(1) time. Not too shabby for autocomplete!

Other features:

Show me another demo

Go ahead. Play around with it. Type something, click on a suggestion, or continue typing something new, and press Enter. Depending on the ranking of other suggestions, the next time you type, you may see the suggestion you searched for in a higher position than before, or as a brand new suggestion.


Don't see it? It may just be that the suggestion doesn't have a high enough score yet relative to other suggestions. If you keep typing though, you should see it pop up. For instance, if you selected "charizard is awesome", you'll have a greater chance of seeing it pop up in the dropdown if you type "charizard" in the input field rather than just "c". Pretty neat right?